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Since inbuilt support for web sockets is missing in AdonisJs, using socket.io with AdonisJs is extremely simple.

Setting Up Socket.Io

Using Existing Http connection is very common when starting a websocket server using socket.io. Let’s start by creating a socket.js file inside app/Http directory.

// app/Http/socket.js

module.exports = function (server) {

  const io = use('socket.io')(server)

  io.on('connection', function (socket) {
    console.log('connection created >>>')


This file exposes a function which accepts the HTTP server instance and using that instance you can create a web socket connection. Now you can approach socket.io the way you want.

Next you need to import this file inside bootstrap/http.js file. Just before Server.listen() import this file.

// bootstrap/http.js


Server.listen(Env.get('HOST'), Env.get('PORT'))
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